Thursday, May 4, 2017

Tugaloo River Bridge

The Tugaloo River Bridge once spanned the deep wide chasm of the Tugaloo River that formed the boarder between South Carolina and Georgia.  The steel girder bridge existed for many decades before the Lake Hartwell Dam was constructed and the backwaters of the lake began to fill.

Over time, the foundations of the Tugaloo River Bridge deteriorated and the highway was rerouted across the Tugaloo River into Georgia.  

The center section of the bridge was cut away and allowed to sink into the deep water of the Tugaloo River.  The water rose to the level of the bridge and boats had difficulty passing under the bridge.

Now the two sections of the bridge--one on the SC side and one on the GA side--serve as fishing piers.

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Tugaloo River Bridge

Sign on US Hwy 123 points to the bridge

Entrance on US Hwy 123

Parking area at bridge

Bridge at parking area on SC side of river
Sign at the entrance to the parking area
Rules for the park area
The path to view the bridge begins behind the garbage can and rocks at the parking area
A path leads to viewing and fishing areas on side of river
View of the river and bridge from the shore
Portion of the bridge on the Georgia shore

This small recreation area is easily accessed on a warm Summer day where the remains of a bygone era bridge crossed the State lines.

Many anglers catch bass, trout, and many other species of fish from these remains of a much crossed bridge.

April 22, 2017