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Hooker Falls

Hooker Falls

Hooker Falls on the Little River. Except for 21 small wildlife clearings, hundreds of acres of exposed granite, and a former camp facility on Lake Julia, the entire property is forested, mostly with young to medium aged trees, dating back to fires, farms, and forestry operations in the middle part of this century.

Though sections of the property are white pine plantation (especially the Flatwood near Guion Farm), most are mixed with hardwoods gradually succeeding the softwoods.

The Little River flows through the Forest both upstream and downstream of the Agfa Corporation manufacturing site. The property contains four major waterfalls on the Little River, and several
smaller waterfalls on the Grassy Creek, which drains a large portion of the eastern part of the Forest.

Approximately eighty miles of dirt roads exist on the property. The paved roads (Staton, Cascade Lake, and Old CCC) and state gravel roads (Sky Valley and Pinnacle Mountain) are public roadways open to motorized traffic. Larger gravel roads put in by the Cliffs development
may also be opened to the public in the future. All remaining roads are closed to vehicular traffic (including ATV’s), but most will be maintained as roads to support forestry & fire operations.

Many of these roads have gentle grades, and present excellent opportunities for hikers, cyclists, and equestrians wanting to avoid steep terrain. Many of the dirt roads have recently been repaired to minimize soil erosion. Much of this work has been done by volunteer crews, primarily from the Pisgah Trailblazers horseback riding club
and the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club. Public use policies will need to be reviewed periodically to assure that surface water quality is not being degraded by eroded roadbeds.

Crossing the river above High Falls is a beautiful covered bridge that was built in 2000 for a planned, exclusive real estate development. Thankfully, the state bought the land (after a long legal battle) from the developer so it could be preserved.

The Hunger Games, the major motion picture released in 2012, was filmed at various locations at DuPont State Forest, including Hooker Falls and Triple Falls.

Picnic shelters inside the forest are available for group rental, and include a limited number of vehicle passes. Reservations are for the entire day (9 AM-5 PM).

DuPont State Forest is the home of 5 major waterfalls--Hooker Falls, Triple Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, High Falls, and Wintergreen Falls.

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Hooker Falls
Entrance to parking lot at Hooker Falls

Parking lot at visitors' center
Visitor's Center

Aleen Steinberg Center

Map of visitors' center, parking lot, and
trail head to Hooker and High Falls

The trails to Hooker Falls and
High Falls begin at the bridge
over the Little River

The beginning of the trail to
Hooker Falls
The trail continues a short distance
to Hooker Falls
First view of Hooker Falls from an overlook
Hooker Falls with large pool at the base
safe for swimming
Hooker Falls with large flat rocky area
sufficient for resting and picnicking

Scenes of Little River before Hooker Falls

Flora and fauna along the trail to Hooker Falls

Visit to DuPont Forest and Hooker Falls: July 27, 2017